Mar. 4th, 2007

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Posting from the couch. It really sucks to be hungry but eating anything gives you severe pain and nausea.
Cosmo has been snuggling with me for the past few days pretty much, he is the sweetest thing. It's too bad he has a little bit of wet stinky dog smell though because of the rain and snow these past couple weeks. Oh well I still love him.
I just watched Silent Hill. Wha? Can I have those 2 hours back? Not really, what else was I going to do. I already watched LOTR, Star Wars, many many hours of Flip That House. I am out of shows I want to watch today.
I have one more day before going back to work on Monday. Hopefully I will get over this tomorrow, I don't want to use all my PTO before I go on spring break. I am going to Phoenix in a week and a half.
I really love this laptop on the couch business, I can play Catan, read LJ, AND watch TV at the same time. Oh boy.
I started trying to do A&P homework again, but it pains me to sit in a chair for a long period of time, stupid digestive system.


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