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No sleep.

Evie woke up at 4am screaming. I hate thunderstorms! I had taken NyQuil earlier because I have this lovely summer cold, so I was in a good deep sleep. That sucked. Josh got up with her and couldn't convince her to stop screaming so he brought her in our room and I was like "oh hell no!"

I can't sleep with her in bed plus I'm sick, and I am not one who can go without sleep two nights in a row anymore. I let her sleep in our bed the night before and she was basically diagonal on the bed half the time and I had to make her go back to her own bed.

So eventually I had to get up and threaten her to go back to bed and be quiet or else I would go crazy. Then after I laid back down Josh was asking me where his umbrella was, I told him it was in the car. Where in the car?

Wtf Josh is the car that large?? So I am pissed off and stormed down to the car to find the fucking umbrella at 4am.

My family is driving me to the edge today.

Having some coffee now trying to feel more like myself and think positively.

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Hey, I'm not new to livejournal but haven't used it in a few years. I'm trying to find some new people to add to my friends since most of my old ones don't use this anymore. Do you mind if I add you?